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Uaya Botanicals – CBD Pet Tinctures


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With our furry friends in mind, we at Uaya have created a soothing remedy to alleviate your pet’s stress, anxiety and fear. This herbal infusion is ideal for pet’s sensitive to fireworks, thunderstorms, separation anxiety, over-excitement, appointments, travel and more.


CBD Isolate – Our premium lab tested 99%+ CBD can help reduce anxiety, seizures, pain and inflammation and can also improve skin conditions.

Chamomile – One of the safest and most versatile herbal pet remedies around, chamomile can calm the nerves and stomach, clear itchy skin and eyes, reduce anxiety and promote relaxation.

Valerian Root – Used to treat hyperactivity, restlessness, insomnia, Valerian can even be used to reduce the frequency and severity of seizures in epileptic pets.

Ashwagandha Root – A natural adaptogenic herb that has been part of holistic medicine for generations. Helps maintain a normal emotional balance and may reduce the negative effects of environmental stress.

Lemon Balm – Contains at least 8 antiviral compounds, 8 sedative compounds and 12 anti-inflammatory components. Lemon balm can slow thyroid function, lower blood pressure and expel intestinal gas.

L-Theanine – A component of green tea, it is an amino acid that can promote relaxation without drowsiness.

Vitamin E – Plays a vital role in your pet’s immune system while reducing oxidative stress and helps prevent the destruction by free radicals, of vitamin A.

Antarctic Krill Oil – Rich in Omega -3 lipids and contains a high level of the naturally occurring antioxidant called astaxanthin which aids in ridding the body of harmful free radicals. Astaxanthin’s powerful antioxidant properties have been shown to be 65 times more powerful than vitamin C and 54 times more powerful than beta-carotene.

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Can help with weight loss by breaking down fat, nourishes your pet’s skin and coat, improves immune system, slows cognitive decline and increases energy by increasing blood flow.

Organic MCT Oil – Aids in digestion and can help heal digestive disorders, as well as brain function, metabolic functions, weight loss, arthritis and bone health.


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