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Twisted Extracts – Cara-Melts (300mg)



Indulge with our creamy, chewy Cannabis-infused caramels. Edibles are a great way to consume Cannabis in a convenient, consistent, and discrete way.

Perfectly melding the flavors of caramel and cannabis together, you’ll be amazed at just how tasty these sweet caramel treats are – with the kind of THC kick you’re looking for, too.

The ability to snap the treats in half for a smaller dosage is a nice little bonus, too for those that are just starting to get into the world of edibles.


  • Cara-melts are individually wrapped in 30 mg doses.
  • Allow 60-90 minutes for full effects before considering an additional dose.
  • Take with food for best results.


  • Indica 300mg THC
  • Sativa 300mg THC


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