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Sour Tangie


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Sour Tangie Cannabis Strain Review


energizing, happy, body high, euphoria, creative, uplifting, giggles, dry mouth and eyes

May Relieve:

chronic stress, fatigue, chronic pain, muscle spasms, depression, ADD/ADHD, migraines, arthritis, inflammation, loss of appetite, headaches, cramps

3 Highlights of Sour Tangie Strain

  • Insanely mouthwatering flavor
  • Combination of sativa and indica effects
  • Jolts users with motivated energy and focus


Sour Tangie Strain is a hugely popular sativa dominant strain with medium-sized grape-shaped buds that deliver powerful sativa and indica effects. The hybrid is known for its mouthwatering flavor of sour earthy citrus and a pungent diesel aftertaste. The 80% sativa and 20% indica hybrid produces a powerful wave of euphoric head rush that jolts users with motivated energy and focus. Sour Tangie also boosts creativity and makes the user more sociable.

The hybrid is created by crossing the infamous East Coast Sour Diesel and Tangie strains. Its parent strains are known for their perfect combination of sativa and indica effects as well as uniquely delicious flavors.

THC levels in Sour Tangie Strain range between 18-20% on average. With such an incredible level of THC, you can expect a powerful and warming type of high, which can be a little overpowering. Therefore, make sure not to smoke too much in one sitting, especially if you’re a novice user.

Effects of Sour Tangie Strain

Sour Tangie Strain is ideal for more seasoned marijuana users. Novice users may find the hybrid a little bit overpowering. The hybrid hits very hard and fast and may completely put you out of commission, especially if you exceed your tolerance level. It delivers a very potent heady high that starts behind the eyes before oozing down to the rest of the body.

At the onset of a Sour Tangie Strain high, you’ll feel focused and motivated. You’ll also feel creative and energized to run errands and other daily activities. This heady high is accompanied by a wave of relaxing euphoria that induces a peaceful state of lethargy and couch-lock.

Appearance, Aroma & Flavor of Sour Tangie Weed Strain

Sour Tangie Strain has some of the most appealing buds you’ll ever see. Its gorgeous nugs are medium-sized, grape-shaped and forest green in color. Surrounding these beautiful buds are rich purple hairs and a thick layer of fine crystalline trichomes.

The hybrid has a pungent sour citrus smell. It has a sweet diesel-like flavor with notes of citrus, orange and tangie. This incredible combination of mouthwatering flavors makes Sour Tangie Strain one of the tastiest strains out there.

Sour Tangie leaves a sharp pungent diesel aftertaste lingering in the mouth.

Growing Sour Tangie Marijuana Strain

Sour Tangie Strain is moderately easy to cultivate. Growers can cultivate this beautiful sativa strain both indoors and outdoors. The strain doesn’t require any special skills to cultivate making it ideal for hobbyists and new growers.

Sour Tangie Strain is highly resistant to common mold, pests, and diseases. It demands a cool outdoor setting and can grow very tall. Growers are, therefore, advised to trim their plants regularly to promote lateral growth and fast development of buds.

Flowering time is between 8 to 9 weeks. Growers can look forward to a generous yield of 18-22 ounces of consumable herb per plant.

Medical Uses of Sour Tangie

Sour Tangie Strain delivers an elevating cerebral buzz that’s perfect for mood disorders. The strain has also been shown to ease stress, depression, and anxiety among other mental health issues. People who struggle with insomnia can smoke Sour Tangie Strain to help them sleep. The hybrid can also restore lost appetite with its hunger inducing effects.

Sour Tangie is a great pain reliever. It produces strongly calming and relaxing effects that ease chronic pain, muscle tension, migraines, and headaches. The weed strain can also treat muscle spasms, inflammation, and arthritis.

Other medical applications of Sour Tangie Strain include treating PTSD, ADD/ADHD, nausea, fatigue, and cramps.

Possible Side Effects

Like any other cannabis strain, Sour Tangie Strain may induce some nasty side reactions. Expect the usual dry mouth and eyes and bloodshot eyes associated with marijuana smoking. On rare occasions, users may experience dizziness and paranoia after smoking the hybrid.

Note that some of these reactions only occur when you smoke past your tolerance level thus always make sure to smoke within your limits. We recommend starting small and slowly increasing your dosage with time until you find your sweet spot.

Final Puff

Overall, Sour Tangie Strain is an incredible sativa dominant hybrid worth giving a shot. The strain is popular for its mouthwatering flavor profile of pungent sour citrus and diesel with notes of orange, tangy, and lemon. Brace yourself for a relaxing and warming body buzz like no other. The hybrid delivers an elevating heady high that slowly turns into a perfectly numbing body high. Sour Tangie Strain will have you focused and motivated before inducing a state of lethargy and long-lasting couch-lock effect.

Thanks to its perfect balance of sativa and indica effects, Sour Tangie Strain can treat a whole range of minor and major health issues. The strain is said to ease fatigue, chronic pain, insomnia, and loss of appetite. It can also treat depression, muscle tension, migraines, and headaches.

Have you ever smoked or cultivated Sour Tangie? Please share your experience with this amazing bud in the comments section below.

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