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Sour Diesel Strain Review

Sour Diesel Effects:

Creativity, euphoria, energizing, cheerful, uplifting, dry mouth and eyes

May Relieve:

anxiety, chronic stress, Bipolar Disorder, headaches, migraines, pain, PTSD, ADD/ADHD, fatigue, nausea, loss of appetite


Sour Diesel Strain is a popular weed strain best known for its pungent diesel-like smell and energetic cerebral high that leaves you perfectly energized, invigorated, and happy. This daytime delight has made a name for itself all over the world for its ‘no heavy feeling’ or ‘no couch lock’ euphoric high that improves overall mental state and gets your creative juices flowing.

Also known as ‘Sour Deez’ or simply ‘Sour D’, this breed of weed is ideal for both newbie and seasoned pot smokers who are looking for the perfect wake and bake strain. Its revitalizing effects have been shown to get users pumped up and ready for their everyday activities.

The exact origin of this incredible Sativa dominant strain is a common topic of discussion within the cannabis community. Some pot enthusiasts believe it’s an offspring of 91 Chemdawg, Super Skunk, and Northern Lights, while others say the hybrid a crossbreed of the infamous Original Diesel and an unidentified Skunk phenotype.

Either way, its murky origin is no disincentive for the resolute marijuana lover. This hybrid promises a mind-blowing and revitalizing cerebral high like no other Sativa.

Like earlier mentioned, couch lock isn’t a factor when it comes to this strain, instead brace yourself for a thought-provoking and lively head high that fades away stress, PTSD, ADD/ADHD among other medical symptoms and conditions.

Chemical Composition

Sour Diesel strain has high levels of THC of up to 19%! Now that’s some powerful weed! The 90% Sativa / 10% Indica hybrid strain also packs a sizable amount of CBD of up to 2%. Its high chemical composition explains its fast-acting, uplifting, and invigorating euphoric head buzz effects.

Sour Diesel Strain is a popular choice for medicinal and recreational smokers alike. Recreational users love it for the bold sense of euphoric head rush it creates as well as its general uplifting.

Medicinal users, on the other hand, love Sour Deez for the mood elevating and energy enhancement effects that melt away anxiety and depression.  You don’t have to wait until four twenty to enjoy the refreshing effects of this amazing Sativa dominant hybrid.

The most ideal time to smoke the beautiful nugs of this strain is in the morning. Its stimulating and dynamic head high will get you perfectly pumped up and prepared for your daily tasks.

Appearance, Fragrance & Flavors

Sour Diesel strain has giant, chunky and round light green buds covered by tiny orange hairs. Its leaves are broad and dark forest green in color whilst the pistils vary in color from brownish to deep orange.

When it comes to fragrance, Sour Diesel strain is one of the most pungent weed strains out there. It derives its name from its ‘stinky’ gasoline scent with refreshing hints of lemon and citrus mixed with dank herbal undertones.

Regardless of the harsh words used to describe this hybrid’s smell, its fragrance is remarkably pleasant in real life and you can definitely look forward to a one of a kind cerebral high.  Flavor-wise, this sativa-leaning strain has a skunky citrusy taste.

It has a uniquely pungent taste with hints of candy, diesel, and lemon.  When smoked, Sour Diesel Strain burns with a smooth toke, leaving a slightly lemony aftertaste lingering in the mouth.

How to Grow Sour Diesel

While Sour Diesel weed strain isn’t the easiest hybrid to grow, weed enthusiasts can still grow their own baby ganja plants at home. The strain prefers a slightly warm setting with temperatures of about 31℃ and soil acidity of pH 6.

It is perfect for SOG or SCROG operations and can grow very tall in a hot, high intensity light and low humidity climate. Since this weed strain is highly susceptible to powdery mildew, growers are advised to sterilize the growing environment.

Flowering time is between 9 to 10 weeks. When grown indoors, Sour D can yield approximately twenty ounces of consumable herb per meter square.

Medical Uses

Due to its long-lasting effects, this hybrid has become increasingly popular, especially amongst people who need a more natural and effective way to treat chronic pain. Thanks to its ability to create a potent cerebral high with no couch lock or ‘heavy feeling’, Sour Diesel strain is ideal for headaches, migraines, cramps, and gastrointestinal disorders.

Sour Diesel strain is primarily used to treat depression and stress. Its light-head high is said to create an awfully impactful feeling of delight and cheerfulness.

It is the perfect strain for people who struggle with heavy-body indolence due to depression.  People who suffer from arthritis find Sour Diesel strain very helpful.

The strain produces potent anti-inflammatory effects that help ease arthritic conditions. It also produces powerful de-stressing effects that help ease arthritis and chronic stress.

Patients with focus issues such as ADHD/ADD can use this strain to manage their condition(s). The laser sharp focus effects produced by Sour Deez stimulate creativity and focus without the couch-lock sensation or heavy feeling, leaving you in an improved mental state.

Cancer patients can also use Sour Diesel strain to manage the deadly disease. The hybrid has been shown to help boost appetite and other chemotherapy side effects.

Possible Side Effects

One of the most common side effects of this weed strain is the cottonmouth it gives you. You’re highly advised to drink plenty of water before, during and after your session to avoid dehydration, which can also cause red, dry, and itchy eyes.

Less seasoned smokers are advised to go slow on Sour Diesel. Its potent head high can be extremely overwhelming, especially when you exceed your tolerance level, and can cause paranoia, dizziness, inability to maintain attention, and anxiety.

Therefore, if you’re new to marijuana smoking or a Sour Diesel strain newbie, don’t smoke too much in one sitting, instead start small and gradually increase your dosage until you find your sweet spot.

Final Words

Sour Diesel strain, popularly known as Sour D is a highly sought-after weed strain with above-average THC levels that allow it to produce stimulating and lively cerebral buzz that leaves you energized and uplifted. Its potent mental high has also been shown to improve your overall mental state and help get your creative juices flowing.
Its mind-stimulating effects and energy improvement makes Sour Diesel weed strain perfect for medicinal use.

A couple of puffs in the morning are enough to fade away anxiety, depression, migraines, headaches, pain, stress, arthritis and loss of appetite.  Whether you’re a seasoned marijuana smoker looking to try out a new strain or new to marijuana smoking, we highly recommend Sour Diesel weed strain.

You’ll love it! Thanks to its popularity with the marijuana smoking community you’ll easily find it in most Canadian dispensaries.

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