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Raspberry Cough Strain

Raspberry Cough strain is a popular Sativa dominant hybrid with an extremely potent high. The 70% Sativa /30% Indica hybrid delivers a combination of euphoric and physical highs, making it an effective hybrid for stress, insomnia, and chronic pain.

The strain is created through crossing ICE and Cambodian Landrace strains. It has a rich aroma profile of pungent and nutty with small notes of earthiness and lemon. It comes packed with an above-average THC level of up to 20% and approximately 1% CBD.

The hybrid delivers a mixture of potent cerebral and physical highs. It’s cerebral high is ideal for focus and creativity while its physical high may induce a perfect state of relaxation.

Effects of Raspberry Cough Strain

This 70% Sativa /30% Indica hybrid produces powerful effects from both worlds. Its powerful and long-lasting effects begin behind the head before oozing down to the rest of your body.

At the beginning of a Raspberry Cough high, you’ll feel energized, inspired, and creative. As the high intensifies you’ll start to feel more relaxed and soon after falling in a state of deep introspection. Make sure not to smoke past your tolerance level as Raspberry Cough may induce a very severe case of couch-lock effect.

While Raspberry Cough is a highly energizing and relaxing hybrid, users are highly discouraged from smoking too much in one sitting. The strain may produce unwanted reactions, including dry mouth and eyes.

Appearance, Aroma & Flavor of Raspberry Cough Strain

Raspberry Cough has large and closely packed buds. Each bud is covered with tiny orange hairs, sticky resin, and a layer of white crystals. The hybrid will blow your mind with its inviting fragrance of berry, orange, and tropical.

Flavor-wise, Raspberry Cough has a sweet berry-like flavor with notes of herbal, orange, and tropical. Its aromas range from earthy, to nutty, pungent, and sweet.

Growing Info

Raspberry Cough is highly resistant to mold and diseases, making it easy to grow. Those looking to grow their own Raspberry Cough can do so both indoors and outdoors.

Flowering time of 8 to 9 weeks. Growers can expect up to 28 ounces of high-quality bud per plant. For maximum yields, Raspberry Cough demands a warm and dry environment and just the right amount of sunlight.

Medical Uses of Raspberry Cough

Raspberry Cough is perfect for both recreational and medicinal use. It delivers a potent heady high that uplifts the spirit and promotes positive thoughts. This allows it to ease mental disorders including chronic stress and depression.

The hybrid produces very strong Indica effects that relax both the mind and body. Its potent body high may ease headaches, migraines, and cramps. It also produces a very strong couch-lock effect that may induce a deep restful sleep, making it perfect for people who struggle with insomnia.

The heavy Indica effects produced by Raspberry Cough make it an effective treatment for body pain and cancer. Cancer patients may use this hybrid to ease the negative side effects of chemotherapy and radiation.

Other medical uses of Raspberry Cough include easing arthritis, loss of appetite, PTSD, nausea, and bipolar disorder. Just make sure not to smoke past your tolerance level as the hybrid may induce some nasty side effects.

Possible Adverse Reactions

Common side effects to expect include the usual dry mouth and eyes as well as itchy and bloodshot eyes. On rare occasions, Raspberry Cough may also induce dizziness and paranoia.

The good news is these unwanted effects are easily avoidable. We recommend drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated and smoke within your limit.

Final Puff

Raspberry Cough is an incredible marijuana hybrid with an insanely high THC level of up to 20%. It delivers a perfectly balanced high that leaves users blissfully happy and completely relaxed. Its potent effects may ease diseases such as chronic stress, depression, migraines, and headaches. Raspberry Cough may also fight insomnia and loss of appetite.

The hybrid may also induce some nasty side effects. Common side effects to expect include dizziness and paranoia. We recommend smoking within your limits to avoid some of these reactions.

Have you ever smoked Raspberry Cough weed strain? Please share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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