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Pluto Strain Review

Pluto Strain is an incredibly potent pure Indica strain with a mysterious background. No one knows for sure who first bred this strain, nor are we certain exactly which strains are behind its genetic makeup. As such, most of the information about this strain is not gleaned from its inherited genetics, rather, first hand accounts of its effects and profile are paramount in discerning the truth about this magnificent strain. Despite these mysteries, Pluto Strain has earned a name for itself as an incredibly powerful Indica strain that’s ideally used in the late afternoon or evening when trying to wind down after a long day. THC in this strain is on the higher end of the mid-range, often averaging at about 20% but can go higher based on the grow.
Although no one knows for sure what Pluto actually smells like, we do know what Pluto Kush smells like! Users should expect decent bag appeal with this strain, as the nugs are beautiful, oversized, olive green nuggets of kushy goodness. They are often covered in chunky white trichomes and thick orange pistils. No sooner than you pop open the packaging on this strain, a pungent aroma of skunky citrus and kush will force itself into every nook and cranny of the room you’re in. This stink can be a bit hard to get rid of, so you should take care not to leave its offensive odor anywhere.
Pluto Kush is well liked in the markets that it is readily available in. Specifically, dispensaries on the Arizona/California border tend to stock this strain religiously. This strain’s high has been known to provide an incredibly strong cerebral high that consists of side effects like euphoria and a boost in creative energy. The pain-relieving effects that are typical of such a powerful Indica high are so powerful in this strain that your budtender will most likely recommend you get comfy before you start smoking a bit of Pluto Kush, as you’re likely to get locked in place after taking a hit. Beginner tokers might accidentally smoke a bit too much of this flower and find themselves lulled to sleep by the sweet embrace of this strain’s intense body high. Pluto Kush has been recommended to users who suffer from anxiety, depression, chronic pain, stress, and even insomnia because of how potent its effects are. Although this strain’s origins remain a mystery, its potent effects are more than enough to ensure it stands out in the already-saturated cannabis market.

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