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Platinum GSC Strain Review

Platinum Girl Scout Cookies is a high-quality marijuana strain that focuses on cerebral and full-bodied high while enhancing energy levels and creativity.

The hybrid has 18-26% THC level and is best known for its memorable high that leaves users stimulated and relaxed in equal measure.

Appearance Aroma and Flavor 

Platinum GSC strain has dense, round and nugget-like buds. Its green leaves are closely packed and curly. Each bud also has a sticky and deeply frosty coating that gives the hybrid a uniquely beautiful gleam.

Flavor-wise, this hybrid boasts of a berry candy flavor with small notes of fruits, herbal, spicy, and sweet.

Its aromas range from earthy to piney, with hints of sweet, spicy, and pungent.

Grow Info

Platinum GSC Strain is the perfect marijuana strain for growers looking for a high yielding strain. Although this strain can be highly rewarding, growing it comes with its own share of challenges.

For starters, the hybrid is highly susceptible to common mold and pests and may require proper knowledge or a lot of experience to cultivate.

Growers with vast experience in marijuana cultivation will breeze through this one. However, those just starting out should consider learning the ins and outs of the whole process of cultivating Platinum GSC strain before attempting.

For successful cultivation of Platinum GSC, growers are advised to monitor and maintain several factors, such as water, nutrients, light and humidity. Also, growers should make sure to prune and trim any leaves that may obstruct the growth and development of buds.

The hybrid can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors. Flowering time is somewhere between 7-9 weeks. While yields in either environment are remarkable, growers should strive to maintain the right growing conditions.

Effects of Platinum GSC Strain

Platinum GSC Strain offer unmatched cerebral high and leaves the body profoundly relaxed.  This explains its far-reaching follower base.

The hybrid creates a wonderfully relaxing experience while keeping the brain focused and creative. Additionally, users can expect intense feelings of happiness and joy.

Smoking the buds of Platinum Girl Scout Cookies creates a thoughtful high that hits rapidly. Although you may feel anxious at first, the strain will take your sensing ability to a whole new level under the right setting.

Platinum Girl Scout Cookies promotes inspirational conversations and helps motivate the user to get through everyday activities. As such, it is said to be one the best marijuana strains for creative-minded people.

The strain has been shown to have a way of opening the user to innovative and non-linear ideas, which is a big plus for innovators.

Furthermore, Platinum GSC weed strain is the ultimate cannabis strain for mental health. The hybrid works almost immediately to provide much needed relief for a host of psychological issues, including anxiety, depression, ADHD, and ADD.

Being an extremely potent strain, users especially those trying the strain for the first time should begin with a small dose and work their way up to avoid possible side effects associated with excessive intake of THC.

Possible Side Effects

Like with all marijuana strains, ingesting Platinum GSC strain may have a number of side effects, especially if overused. The good news is these side effects are very mild and do not require medical attention.

Common adverse effects to expect include dry mouth, headaches, dehydration, paranoia, anxiety, and dry eyes. 

You can easily manage most of these effects by drinking a lot of water to ensure you’re well hydrated during and after smoking Platinum GSC.

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