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Phantom OG Cannabis Strain Review


relaxing, euphoria, hungry, focus, happy, giggly, dry mouth and eyes

May Relieve:

stress, spinal cord injury, arthritis, headaches, migraines, insomnia, chronic pain, loss of appetite, bipolar disorder, PTSD, depression, anxiety


Phantom OG Strain is a renowned indica hybrid with a very heavy high. This 50% Sativa /50% Indica hybrid delivers a balanced cerebral and physical high, making it an effective treatment for diseases like stress, insomnia, and chronic pain.

The hybrid is created by crossing the delicious OG Kush and an unknown strain. While its second parent remains a mystery, the marijuana community seems to agree that it is most likely Mars OG, Jupiter OG or Earth OG.

Phantom OG Strain has a very rich aroma profile. It boasts of a lemony pine aroma with small notes of minty earthy and tropical. However, don’t let its beautiful aroma mislead you. This weed strain packs moderate THC levels of up to 18%, making it a perfect hybrid.

It produces a combination of powerful heady high and physical high. Its heady high promotes focus and creativity while its physical high promotes relaxation.

Effects of Phantom OG

As earlier mentioned, Phantom OG Strain is 50% Sativa /50% Indica. Its perfectly balanced gene makeup allows it to produce potent effects from both worlds. Its potent effects start in the head and slowly trickle down to the rest of the body.

At the onset, a Phantom OG high will energize and inspire creativity. As the high intensifies, its indica effects will start to kick in. You’ll feel relaxed and introspective. If you smoke past your tolerance level, this incredible bud may induce a very severe couch-lock effect that might leave you deeply asleep.

Although Phantom OG Strain will energize and relax your entire body, you’re highly discouraged from exceeding your tolerance level. The hybrid can induce a very severe couch-lock effect among other marijuana side effects.

Appearance, Aroma & Flavor of Phantom OG

Phantom OG Strain has small-sized buds with tiny orange hairs. The hybrid is also covered by sticky resin and a layer of white trichomes. Its unique appearance makes it easy to identify.

The hybrid will blow your mind with its enticing smell. Phantom OG has a piney and sweet earth smell with lemony and skunky notes. Its unique fragrance is inherited from its OG Kush lineage. When it comes to taste, Phantom OG has a pungent earthy taste and a sweet lemony aftertaste.

Growing Info

Phantom OG Strain is very easy to cultivate. It is highly resistant to mold and diseases, making it easy grow. Those looking to grow their own Phantom OG can do so both indoors and outdoors.

The hybrid has a flowering time of 8 to 9 weeks on average. Growers can expect approximately 13 to 16 ounces of high-quality bud per plant. For maximum yields, Phantom OG demands a warm and dry environment and just the right amount of sunlight.

Medical Uses of Phantom OG Strain

You can smoke Phantom OG Strain for both recreational and medicinal purposes. The hybrid packs tremendous medicinal benefits thanks to its perfectly balanced effects. It delivers a potent heady high that uplifts the spirit and promotes positive thoughts. As such, it can treat mental disorders including chronic stress and depression.

Phantom OG also produces very strong indica-heavy effects that relax both the mind and body. Its potent body high can ease headaches, migraines, and cramps. It also produces a very strong couch-lock effect that can induce a deep restful sleep, making it the go-to weed strain for people who struggle with insomnia.

The heavy indica effects produced by Phantom OG make it an effective treatment for body pain as well as cancer. Cancer patients can depend on Phantom OG to ease the negative side effects of chemotherapy and radiation.

Other medical uses of Phantom OG Strain include easing arthritis, loss of appetite, PTSD, nausea, and bipolar disorder. Just make sure not to smoke past your tolerance level as the hybrid may induce some nasty side effects.

Possible Adverse Reactions

First-time weed smokers are encouraged to be very cautious with this strain as it can induce very severe side effects. Common side effects to expect include the usual dry mouth and eyes as well as itchy and bloodshot eyes. On rare occasions, Phantom OG Strain may induce dizziness and paranoia.

The good news is these unwanted effects can be easily avoided. We recommend drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated and watch your dosage.

Final Puff

Phantom OG Strain is an incredible weed strain with high THC levels of up to 19%. It produces a perfectly balanced high that leaves users blissfully happy and completely relaxed. Its potent effects can ease diseases such as chronic stress, depression, migraines, and headaches. The hybrid can also fight insomnia and loss of appetite.

Despite its significant medicinal value, this hybrid can induce some nasty side effects. Common side effects to expect include dizziness and paranoia. We recommend watching your dosage to avoid some of these reactions.

Have you ever smoked or cultivated Phantom OG? Please share your experience in the comments section below.

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