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Nuken Strain Review

Nuken Strain is an incredibly powerful indica hybrid with a THC level of 17-19%. It is created through crossing God Bud with the infamous Kush Strain. The hybrid is popular for its heavy effects that may ease stress and chronic pain. Its long-lasting effects have also been shown to relieve depression, anxiety, and insomnia.

Nuken Strain is 80%indica/20%sativa. It hits hard and fast with a powerful buzz of euphoria, leaving you a little hazy. Some users also report feeling a little lethargic after smoking Nuken Strain. There have also been reports of sedation and prolonged couch-lock effects.

Effects of Nuken Strain

Nuken Strain delivers potent effects that leave users slightly energized and perfectly relaxed. Its high kicks in hard and fast with a potent euphoric rush that slightly stimulates the brain. As the high continues, the user may experience an extraordinary sense of happiness and upbeat spirit.

A Nuken Strain comedown is incredibly relaxing. As the buzzing physical high creeps down, you will feel sedated and heavily couch-locked before falling into a deep and uninterrupted sleep.

Note that Nuken Strain may be a little overwhelming, especially to novice smokers. Its high THC levels make it an exceedingly potent hybrid that may induce paranoia and dizziness. These unwanted reactions however only occur when you exceed your tolerance level.

That said, we highly recommend starting with a small dose, and gradually increase your dosage until you find your sweet spot.

Nuken Appearance, Aroma & Flavor

Nuken has medium-sized and gorgeous buds. Its nugs are covered with sparse fiery orange hairs and a layer of translucent trichomes. Each bud is also covered by a layer of sticky resin.

The hybrid has a unique flavor profile of sweet, pine, and woody. Its aromas range from earthy, pungent, skunky, and sweet.

Medical Uses of Nuken Strain

Nuken is a great strain for both recreational and medicinal use. It packs above-average THC levels that make it a great strain for a whole range of illnesses and conditions. The hybrid may ease chronic pain, depression, and migraines.

The strain delivers very potent sedative effects that promote sleep. Therefore, the weed strain is recommended to patients who struggle with insomnia. Nuken Strain also delivers strong numbing effects that make it a great strain for inflammation.

Nuken Strain may also ease mental disorders including bipolar disorder, PTSD, depression, and anxiety. It may also fight headaches, migraines, and loss of appetite.

Other medical uses of Nuken include easing arthritis, muscle spasms, nausea, and cramps.

Possible Side Effects

Like any other hybrid, Nuken Strain may induce some negative reactions. Common side effects to expect include the usual dry mouth and eyes associated with marijuana smoking.

On rare occasions, Nuken Strain may induce dizziness and paranoia. These reactions, however, only occur when you smoke more than you can handle.

Final Words

Overall, Nuken Strain is an insanely potent bud with a lot of medical benefits. It has high THC levels of up to 18%, and delivers very heavy effects. Its high hits hard and fast with a unique stoney feeling that leaves you with droopy eyes.

Its potent effects may induce a very severe case of the couch-lock and deep sleep. As such, make sure to only smoke Nuken Strain in the evening as it may completely throw you off balance.

Nuken Strain is a great strain for insomnia, stress, depression, and chronic pain. It may also fight migraines, headaches, cramps, and inflammation.

Have you ever smoked Nuken Strain? Please share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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