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Meat Breath Cannabis Strain Review


energizing, relaxing, euphoria, uplifting, happy, tingly, chatty, dry eyes and mouth

May Relieve:

fatigue, inflammation, chronic pain, stress, depression, nausea, insomnia, arthritis, PTSD, muscle spasms, bipolar disorder, migraines, headaches, loss of appetite, cancer, anxiety, cramps, PMS

3 Highlights of Meat Breath Strain

  • Identifiable spicy citrus diesel flavor
  • Incredibly heavy potency
  • Delivers a relaxing high that leaves you completely pain-free


Meat Breath Strain is a fairly powerful cannabis strain known for its evenly balanced indica and sativa effects.  The 50% indica/50% sativa hybrid is physically and mentally refreshing. It is just the right strain for when you want wind down after a long day.

Meat Breath Strain is an offspring of the infamous Meatloaf and Mendo Breath strains. It comes with an above average THC level of up to 18% and 0.1% CBD.

This high THC and CBD levels make Meat Breath a great strain for recreational and medicinal use.  This evenly balanced hybrid is popular for its potent sativa and indica effects.

The best thing about Meat Breath Strain is that it won’t leave you hazy and completely unfocused. Instead, the hybrid hits you with an incredibly potent wave of uplifting effects, leaving you energized and perfectly relaxed.

The euphoric head high delivered by this hybrid won’t leave you feeling overwhelmed. In fact, its head is said to be one of the best cerebral highs out there.

A few hits of Meat Breath Strain deliver a potent energy surge that leaves you motivated and creative. Your overall mood will improve and your stress will fade away.

While Meat Breath Strain may leave you feeling a little woozy, you’ll still experience out of this world calm and relaxation. It will wash away your stress for a cool minute, leaving you in a perfect state of mind.

Appearance, Aroma & Flavor of Meat Breath

Meat Breath Strain has a perfectly refreshing pungent and spicy aroma with small notes of diesel, citrus, chemical and earthy. When smoked, the hybrid emits a pungent scent with harsh chemical, diesel, and spicy notes.

Flavor-wise, Meat Breath Strain is known for its perfect mixture of superb flavors that range from diesel to chemical, citrus, herbal and spicy. Meat Breath Strain is without a shred of doubt a highly tasteful and flavorful weed strain.

Its flavor profile and taste is borrowed from its Meatloaf background.

Effects of Meat Breath Marijuana Strain

Meat Breath Strain delivers some incredible indica and sativa-leaning effects. While its balanced high begins slowly, it is very long-lasting.

Note that the high delivered by Meat Breath Strain can overpower you, especially if you’re new to cannabis smoking. Also, if you have a low tolerance level Meat Breath Strain may overpower you, especially when you smoke too much.

One of the best traits of Meat Breath Strain is its perfect combination of both sativa and indica effects. Its sativa effects are uplifting and perfectly energizing.

Its indica effects, on the other hand, are soothing and perfectly soothing.  The relaxing effects delivered by Meat Breath Strain are good at inducing sleep.

This makes the hybrid the perfect choice for people who struggle with insomnia. The weed strain delivers a deeply calming physical high that relaxes your whole body and mind, inducing a deep and peaceful sleep.

Note that Meat Breath Strain may induce impulsive giggling, leaving you sociable and chattier.

Possible Side Effects

When smoking this incredible bud, you’re highly encouraged to drink plenty of water before and after your session. Meat Breath Strain may cause severe dehydration, leaving you with a severe cottonmouth effect and dry eyes.

On rare occasions, Meat Breath Strain may cause paranoia and dizziness. Some users also report bloodshot eyes and itchy eyes.

We recommend smoking within your limits to avoid some of these reactions. Consider starting with a small dose, and gradually increase your dosage until you find your sweet spot.

Medical Uses of Meat Breath Weed Strain

Meat Breath packs plenty of medical uses. For instance, thanks to its ability to deliver a potent euphoric cerebral high, the hybrid is highly effective at easing chronic stress and anxiety.

Moreover, its strong sativa effects make it an effective remedy for depression, ADD/ADHD, PTSD among other mental disorders.  The mind-stimulating and uplifting effects make Meat Breath particularly helpful in the treatment of mood disorders.

Meat Breath Strain can also restore lost appetite, making it ideal for people who struggle with loss of appetite among other eating-related disorders.

Its potent full-body high makes it an effective natural painkiller. Meat Breath Strain may relieve migraines, headaches, and chronic pain.

The strain also packs very powerful anti-inflammatory effects that make it the perfect remedy for constant body pains and aches.  Meat Breath Strain can be used by cancer patients to ease pain and nausea.

Are you looking for the perfect weed strain?  Meat Breath Strain is a great choice for both novice and experienced users. The hybrid delivers a perfect mixture of long-lasting indica and sativa effects that have significant medical value.

Have you ever smoked Meat Breath weed strain? Please share your experience with this amazing bud in the comments section below.

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