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Lava Cake


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Lava Cake Cannabis Strain Review


uplifting, euphoria, giggles, chatty, cerebral, body high, sleepy, creative, hungry, cottonmouth, dry eyes

May Relieve:

nausea, chronic pain, insomnia, loss of appetite, migraines, headaches, bipolar disorder, stress, PTSD, muscle spasms

3 Highlights of Lava Cake

  • Super delicious flavor
  • Deeply relaxing high
  • Promotes creativity and introspection


Lava Cake Strain is a super powerful weed strain known for its super delicious flavor and a strong wave of euphoria. The 70% indica/30% sativa delivers a perfect mixture of body and cerebral high that leaves you uplifted, creative, and hungry.

As such, Lava Cake is the perfect weed strain for daytime use.  The hybrid is an offspring of the delicious Thin Mint Cookies and the infamous Grape Pie.

It packs a fairly moderate THC percentage of 25% and negligible CBD of below 0.1%. Its moderate levels of CBD and THC make it a great choice for both recreational and medicinal use.

Lava Cake strain delivers a mixture of Indica and Sativa-heavy effects. Unlike most Indicas, the effects produced by this rare Indica strain don’t overwhelm the user or completely throw them out of balance.

Instead, Lava Cake Strain delivers a smoothly uplifting high that fades away negative thoughts and promotes relaxation.

It is however imperative to bear in mind that Lava Cake Strain may induce paranoia and dizziness, especially when you exceed your tolerance level.

Appearance, Aroma & Flavor of Lava Cake

Also known as Lava Cake #11, this hybrid is easily distinguishable thanks to its super delicious flavor. It has a sweet chocolaty taste with small notes of pine grape and herbal.

When smoked, the hybrid burns with a delectable fruity pine aroma and leaves a slightly minty flavor aftertaste lingering in the mouth.

Lava Cake Strain is undoubtedly a flavorful weed strain. Its unique flavor profile is borrowed from its Thin Mint Cookies lineage.

Effects of Lava Cake Weed Strain

Lava Cake Strain delivers a perfect balance of indica and sativa effects.  Its high begins slowly with a wave of cerebral head rush that promotes creativity and uplifts the spirit.

As the high intensifies, the effects become more physical where the user feels perfectly relaxed and sleepy.  The euphoric heady high delivered by Lava Cake leaves you chattier and giggly.

It is therefore the right strain when you’re feeling low and really need to boost your spirit. Additionally, it is just the right weed strain for social events. Want to make social interactions more fun? This is the strain to go for!

Lava Cake Strain also delivers some pretty potent indica-leaning effects. Thanks to its strong indica genes, this hybrid produces a very relaxing physical high that relaxes tense muscles.

Users report experiencing next level relaxation after smoking Lava Cake Strain before drifting away into a deep sleep.  Make sure to drink plenty of water before and after smoking Lava Cake.

The hybrid can induce a very severe cottonmouth effect, bloodshot eyes, and dry eyes. On rare occasions, Lava Cake Strain may leave the user feeling dizzy and paranoid.

These extreme cases, however, only occur when you exceed your tolerance level.

Other possible side effects to expect include itchy and red eyes. We highly recommend smoking within your limits. Start small and gradually increase your dosage with time until you find your sweet spot.

Medical Uses of Lava Cake

This hybrid has a lot of medical uses. Its potent wave of cerebral high makes it the perfect strain for mood disorders.

It can treat bipolar disorder, chronic stress, depression, and anxiety. Moreover, its sativa-leaning effects make it the ideal weed strain for ADHD/ADD, PTSD and other mental diseases.

Do you struggle with stress, hopelessness and fear of rejection? This hybrid can really help you lead a ‘normal’ life.

Lava Cake strain is a great hunger inducer. People who struggle with loss of appetite can use it to restore their lost appetite.

It also produces potent relaxing effects that promote deep and peaceful sleep. As such, it can help fight insomnia.

The energizing and creativity effects delivered by Lava Cake Strain make it the perfect choice for people working in the creative industry. Its high can help relieve headaches, migraines and muscle spasms.

Other medical uses of Lava Cake Strain include treating arthritis, inflammation, and fatigue. It can also help alleviate the negative side effects of radiation and chemotherapy.

Final Words

Lava Cake Strain is a very rare weed strain with a super delicious flavor. It delivers a mixture of indica and sativa effects that help fight a whole range of medical conditions.

The hybrid is said to help ease chronic pain, stress, depression, and anxiety. It can also be used to cure headaches, migraines, arthritis, and nausea.

Have you ever smoked Lava Cake Strain? Please share your experience in the comments section below.

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