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Juicy Fruit


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Juicy Fruit Cannabis Strain Review

Are you a lover of the classic Juicy Fruit bubble gum? If you answered yes, this insane marijuana strain will be right up your alley! Fruity, creamy, and sweet, Juicy Fruit strains miraculous flavor pays perfect tribute to the classic gum, putting smiles on faces because of nostalgia or just a really good high.

Don’t let pretty colors, a sweet aroma, or a mid-range THC level fool you, Juicy Fruit can pack a serious punch, so go light your first few times. Juicy Fruit Strain is perfect for cannabis consumers looking for a mood boost, a little extra energy, or just a fun high.


Creativity, inspiration, progress, motivation, imagination

May Relieve:

Anxiety, stress, depression, appetite loss, nausea, persistent pain

What Exactly is the Juicy Fruit Marijuana Strain?

Legends don’t do the geniuses at Sensi Seeds enough justice. Based in Amsterdam, Sensi Seeds is one of the oldest hemp seed producers in the world, helping to revolutionize global conceptions of marijuana use and hemp products. Developed by Sensi Seeds, Juicy Fruit strain is a cross of pure Afghani Indica and Thai Sativa.

Juicy Fruit typically has a THC content of 19.5%, placing it in the THC mid-range.  Afghani Indica is native to Afghanistan, the region believed to be home to some of the earliest cannabis strains.

A super-strong indica that produces a heavy resin, Afghani Indica creates drowsy, euphoric effects, helping consumers to reduce stress and pain while increasing sleep quality and relaxation. Earthy with a slight fruitiness, Afghani Indica helps give the Juicy Fruit strain its signature deep aroma.

Thai Sativa is a cannabis variety native to Thailand that was brought over to the United States sometime in the 1970s. Light and sweet with bright citrus notes, Thai Sativa is a pleasant smoke that won’t leave you with an intense aftertaste.

Juicy Fruit Strain: Appearance, Flavor, and Aroma

Like the famous gum flavor, Juicy Fruit Strain is bright, colorful, and beautiful to behold. Frequently producing a wide range of cannabis colors, Juicy Fruit strains reveal oranges, greens, purples, and pinks.

Fine crystals coat this tightly-packed bud, helping to add to this marijuana strain’s beauty and uniqueness. Though Juicy Fruit is beautiful to look at, one taste will make you forget all about looking at it and focus on consuming.

Named for its almost piña colada-like taste, Juicy Fruit stays true to its name with deep fruity flavors, citrus, a little sweetness, and just a touch of creaminess once the flavors begin to settle. The marijuana equivalent of going to a tiki bar for a sweet, fruity drink, Juicy Fruit Strain will make you wish your favorite bowl or bong had a place for a tiny umbrella.

Like its flavor, Juicy Fruit’s aroma is fruity, tropical, slightly sour, and most definitely sweet. Like the gum, the smell of Juicy Fruit is practically mouth-watering, especially once you have tried this weed strain and know the kind of deliciousness that awaits.

Juicy Fruit Weed Strain Effects

Though mid-range in terms of THC content, Juicy Fruit Strain can have intense effects. Despite being almost an equal hybrid, Juicy Fruit leans more toward a Sativa with euphoric, energetic, and stress-relieving effects.

Often recommended for use as a day-time stress reliever, Juicy Fruit can help consumers by uplifting their mood, easing tension, and improving creativity.

Initially, Juicy Fruit helps consumers to achieve a happy, energetic mood, uplifting and inducing euphoric emotions. Perfect for helping to manage the worries of the world, some consumers report a ‘time-warp or ‘time-slow-down’ while consuming Juicy Fruit, helping them to concentrate on their work and achieve more during the day.

Juicy Fruit Strain can last for up to 3 hours, slowly mellowing into a slight body high that won’t leave you feeling mentally or physically exhausted.

Medical Advantages of the Juicy Fruit Strain

Many individuals enjoy the Juicy Fruit strain for its euphoric, uplifting effects. Individuals with anxiety, depression, or other mental health problems may find the use of Juicy Fruit to be helpful for managing and relieving stress, sadness, negative thinking patterns, creative blocks, and more.

Juicy Fruit Strain also has mild physical effects and may help cannabis consumers to reduce physical pain and tension. Juicy Fruit contains a minimal amount of CBD, likely around 1%, which may help alleviate physical symptoms like pain, epileptic seizures, and nausea.

Juicy Fruit Strain is a great option for daytime use to reduce stress, increase creativity, and help induce creativity, but can also be a great choice for relaxing on the couch after a long day of work.

Possible Side Effects of the Juicy Fruit Strain

Slightly Sativa-leaning, Juicy Fruit Strain may cause head rushes of dizziness, so try to use caution when trying this strain for the first time. Though slight dizziness has occurred, these effects typically wear off within a few minutes to give way to the pleasant effects of Juicy Fruit.

Similar to many cannabis strains, Juicy Fruit may cause dry mouth and eyes, and in rare cases, slight drowsiness.

Final Thoughts

If you love cannabis but don’t love the aroma or taste of a classic, savory hash, Juicy Fruit might just be the perfect option for you. With impressive psychoactive effects for reducing stress and anxiety, Juicy Fruit provides an incredible pick-me-up to help get you through your day or help you relax once it is over.

Juicy Fruit Strain’s unique coloring and intense tropical flavor make this weed strain a must-try for cannabis enthusiasts.

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