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Jack Herer Cannabis Strain Review


Body high, creativity, euphoria, elation, energy, cerebral high

May Relieve:

Depression, stress, loss of appetite

What Exactly is the Jack Herer Marijuana Strain?

Jack Herer Strain is a Sativa dominant cannabis strain that is 100% sativa. The average THC content for the weed strain rests anywhere between 17%-19%.

The marijuana strain was created and named in honor of the famous author of “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” and cannabis activist Jack Herer Strain.  This particular strain is a three-way hybrid. It comes from a mixed breeding of Haze, Northern Lights, and Shiva Skunk.

The first genetic donor for Jack Herer, Haze, is a pure Sativa. Not recommended for consumers with a low tolerance, the cannabis strain may cause paranoia with too large of doses.

However, for those looking to alleviate feelings of depression or social anxiety, Haze is perfectly equipped for the job.  Northern Lights, while being a hybrid between Afghani and Thai Haze, is a pure Indica Strain.

The weed strain is a winner of many awards worldwide. Those looking for something potent in THC content for natural pain relief may turn to Northern Lights, but due to its highly sedative abilities, it is recommended primarily for evening usage. The last parent to the Jack Herer strain is Shiva Skunk.

This hybrid is also a pure Indica, crossed between Northern Lights No. 5 and Skunk No. 1. The weed strain has a notoriously pungent aroma with undertones of citrus Skunk and a flavor that matches.

The gleeful feeling that slowly ebbs into a sedative-like state that Shiva Skunk can cause consumers makes it best for evening usage.

Jack Herer Strain: Appearance, Flavor, and Aroma 

Jack Herer buds are a demure green color that’s on the lighter side. The cannabis strain comes with bright orange patches of hair spread about the bud.

The weed strain produces a thick and viscous resin that coats the buds, giving it the ability to stand out with the occasional sparkle. The woodsy, pine scent that the marijuana strain produces make it feel like one of the most woodsy strains and will leave consumers feeling closer to nature.

There are distinct sweet lemony undertones to go with the natural aroma and some say that it smells vaguely spicy.

The flavor of the Jack Herer strain is every bit as natural as it smells. It has a unique herbal taste with hints of lemon and pine.

The combination is decidedly pleasant and perfectly encompasses the over-all natural theme that the strain boasts.

 Jack Herer Strain Effects

The Jack Herer strain is capable of promoting a clear-headed cerebral buzz that is energy-boosting and helps with feelings of creativity. Consumers may feel more focused after taking Jack Herer.

A good social cannabis strain, those who take it can expect to be more chatty in group settings and find that laughter is much more easily induced. A good weed strain for boosting energy, Jack Herer can help motivate consumers to complete running errands or other daily activities once taken and is great for those that have difficulty working up the energy to do so.

Medical Advantages of the Jack Herer Strain

Patients who suffer from varying mental disorders can benefit from taking Jack Herer weed. It has been known to alleviate symptoms stemming from bipolar disorder, PTSD, and anxiety. Jack Herer can cause bubbly, euphoric emotions and leave those in need of being instantly revitalized and happy.

This strain may also help those suffering from ADHD to better focus their attention with its ability to bring about mental clarity. Those that suffer from an inability to maintain focus are recommended to try the strain to better accomplish their tasks.

Possible Side Effects of the Jack Herer Strain

No strain of cannabis comes without its side effects, but the Jack Herer strain side effects are generally mild and easily compensated for. Dry mouth and eyes can be dissuaded with plenty of hydration and moisturizing drops on hand.

The sedative-like effects that follow the high offered by Jack Herer may cause some slight drowsiness of increased feelings of laziness, but are temporary and will wear off as the high dissipates.

The same can be said for any slight dizziness or paranoia that may occur, although these symptoms are much less common.

Final Thoughts

The Jack Herer strain has been infinitely popular amongst cannabis consumers since its creation. A perfect choice for those that suffer mental and neurological disorders, the weed strain has many advantageous effects to help calm and focus the mind.

The strain comes about with not only a natural remedy to these issues, but all around sticks to the theme with its woodsy and piney smell and taste.

Everything about the marijuana strain just makes consumers feel down to earth and grounded, making it highly recommended for those looking for a weed strain that they can use throughout the day without becoming too sedated or drowsy and for those looking to be better motivated to make it through the day.

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