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Grape Ape Strain Review

Grape Ape Strain is an Indica-dominant strain that is quickly ascending in prominence, particularly among pot specialists. It has a hybrid ratio of 90% Indica and 10% Sativa. The marijuana strain is a crossbreed of Skunk, Afghani Indica, and Mendocino Purps. Due to this mixture, it has intriguing hereditary qualities.

This renowned Indica-prevailing strain got its name from tasting and possessing an aroma like grape and causing you to feel heavy and large like an ape.

Numerous consumers cherish this super-Indica weed strain because of its sweet taste and medicinal properties. Grape Ape Strain is a successful clinical weed strain, picking up fans ever.

It is an exceptionally elegant strain with a sack appeal for sure. It has a striking appearance that goes amiss from the typical greenish appearance of most marijuana strains. During the blooming stage, the weed develops some conspicuous grape marks that break the greens’ dreariness on exposure to colder temperatures.

This is a daring weed strain that will energize both new and experienced users the same.

If you need a ground-breaking body high, the Grape Ape cannabis strain is the solution. It is a robust Indica strain with a unique look and sturdy fruity flavor, contributing to the body high. The measure of THC in this strain varies from 20.5% to 21.5%. CBD level is insignificant, once in a while, getting past 2%.

This sum is a remarkable impact to add to the collective energy of flavonoids, cannabinoids, and terpenes in this strain. This renders therapeutic advantages to the pot.

Buds of Grape Ape weed strain are beautiful, well-rounded, and thick by harvesting time. There are firmly twisted olive-greenish leaves around the buds. The resin layer, which ought to have a brilliant whitish appearance, is noticeable when the buds are newly gathered.

Later on, this layer may take a brown appearance that may get somewhat lost among the copper shaded pistils and yellow-greenish colas. As implied already, this is one of those uncommon strains that will have an abundant measure of the much-desired flavonoid anthocyanin.

This compound delivers a purple shade on exposure to colder temperatures during their development cycle’s blooming period. This permits the chlorophyll to disperse and allows anthocyanin to take over.

The sap substance may fluctuate among phenotypes of this weed strain. When the resin is higher, the buds become clingy and may turn out to be extremely hard to hand-break. This implies you may need to utilize a hand processor to break them.

At long last, you will be met by the most luring fruity smell that isn’t anything near what you would expect of a skunk-related strain. You will experience the earthy fragrance when breathing out smoke from this weed strain.


Grape Ape weed strain, being almost wholesome Indica, is a dependable stress-reliever. It incites a significant unwinding condition combined with light happiness to awaken all the cheerful body chemicals. This strain is dependably calming and will cause you to forget all day’s worries.

Marijuana is a perfect strain before sleep time, for its capacity to make you sleepy and set you up for a night of fortifying rest. On the off chance that you smoke lots of the strain, it will give you a genuinely weighty couch-lock, making you want to remain in one place and enjoy the cerebral impacts.

Also, this Indica-leaning strain will make you stick your head into the refrigerator looking for something to satisfy the munchies. By this, it makes any of your tidbits taste additionally sweet.

Appearance, Aroma & Flavor

It has a conspicuous appearance that is unique from the normal greenish appearance of most weed strains. When exposed to colder temperatures, the weed builds up some prominent grape denotes during the sprouting stage that breaks the greens’ gloominess. Buds of Grape Ape weed strain are well-rounded, lovely, and dense by reaping time. There are solidly wound olive-greenish leaves around the buds.

Grape Ape strain is known to be amazingly fragrant, making the whole room smell of grape seasoned cheerful farmers. On smoking, it will leave a natural, woodsy aroma noticeable worldwide, blended in with a sharp syrupiness that will make you consider grapes.

Grape Ape is known for its skunkiness, making it hard to dispose of the room’s smell long after. This present strain’s scent has been contrasted and said to be practically indistinguishable from the skunky-sweetness of Granddaddy Purple.

This Indica-prevailing strain is a smooth crook. It tastes like sweet berries and blossoms, and the fruity occurrence of grapes in it is exceptionally noticeable. If you need a smoke that will make you think about a bag of fruits, this tasty strain is the one for you.


It is relatively easy to grow Grape Ape weed encouraging even beginners to participate. The weed prefers moderate temperatures with lots of sunlight, giving a more than average production. 50 % humidity is the preferred atmospheric condition of this weed strain for maximum production it also requires high air circulation since it is a low growing plant.

Grape Ape Strain does well both indoors and outdoors with a flowering period of 7-8weeks indoors. When grown outdoors, harvesting happens around the late ninth to early tenth month.

Medical Uses

The elevated levels of THC and smoothness of the Grape ape strain make it an ideal treatment for anybody suffering from pains and mental disorders. Its potency has been utilized to battle chronic pains, insomnia, cramps, and depression.  Patients prescribed to this bud can carry out their daily tasks without any difficulties.

Another use for this delightful marijuana strain is to treat nausea in cancer patients. Further, this strain helps those who have lost appetite after undergoing radiation and chemotherapy. By taking controlled doses of grape ape strain, they can get back nature desire to eat without falling sick.

Possible Side Effects

Possible side effects of the Grape Ape Strain include cases of headaches and dizziness. Also, one might experience mild paranoia. To avoid these effects, it is advisable to take controlled dosages of this weed strain.

Final Words

Be ready for a takeoff since Grape Ape Strain is an excellent weed strain that delivers uplifting effects with euphoria. On top of that, it is the best strain if you had a tiresome day for a well-relaxed sleep.

You can take it any time you want a great nap. Further, it is a go-to strain for mental disorders and chronic pains.

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