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God’s Green Crack Cannabis Strain Review


cerebral, physical high, uplifting, energizing, happy, sleepy, giggles, dry mouth and eyes

May Relieve:

chronic stress, nausea, ADD/ADHD, inflammation, fatigue, migraines, headaches, depression, arthritis, depression, anxiety, PTSD, bipolar disorder, cramps

3 Highlights of God’s Green Crack

  • Indica dominant hybrid with a super heavy physical high
  • Relaxes the whole body and mind
  • Delivers an energetic cerebral high


God’s Green Crack Strain is a super rare indica hybrid known for its heavy physical and cerebral high. The weed strain is an offspring of the infamous Green Crack and God’s Gift.

Like its parent strains, God’s Green Crack produces a full-body relaxation that’s perfect for easing stress and muscle pains. It can also treat headaches, migraines, and nausea.

Effects of God’s Green Crack

People love this strain for the gentle mental high it delivers. Its 55%/45% indica sativa ratio allows it to deliver a perfect balance of both physical and cerebral high.

Unlike most indicas, God’s Green Crack Strain hits you with a tender euphoric head rush that slowly begins as a tingly effect before rapidly spreading across the whole body.  A few tokes of God’s Green Crack will hit you with a strong euphoric heady high that will wash away your stress.

You’ll experience an extraordinary sense of joy. As the high continues to intensify, you’ll feel more relaxed and happier.

The perfect balance of cerebral and physical high delivered by God’s Green Crack Strain is one of a kind. Its incredibly heavy high not only stimulates your mind, but also relaxes both your mind and body.

God’s Green Crack Strain packs insane THC levels of around 22-25% THC on average. As such, the hybrid is very effective at treating conditions such as loss of appetite, fatigue, PTSD, depression, anxiety, and arthritis.

Appearance, Aroma & Flavor of God’s Green Crack

God’s Green Crack Strain has dense spade-shaped buds with clearly identifiable spicy smell with fruity and earthy undertones. For most marijuana enthusiasts, God’s Green Crack is one of the cannabis strains that smell scrumptiously good.

Its buds are green in color with tiny bright orange hairs. Covering each bud is a thick layer of sticky crystalline trichomes.

In addition to smelling good, God’s Green Crack also tastes very nice. It is one of those strains that smell good and taste even better.

Its exotic taste makes it one of the most flavorful cannabis strains on the market today.  When smoked, God’s Green Crack Strain releases a sweet and tropical flavor with fruity and herbal undertones on the exhale.

Growing God’s Green Crack

Being a very rare cannabis strain, there’s very little information about its cultivation. However, based on its parents one could say that it grows well both indoors and outdoors and prefers cooler temperatures.

When it comes to flowering time, this strain takes seven to eight weeks to become fully mature and ready for harvest. Growers should expect about twelve to sixteen ounces of consumable herb per square meter.

Medical Uses of God’s Green Crack

God’s Green Crack Strain is a natural pain reliever. Its high THC level makes it a potent cannabis strain that’s capable of alleviating chronic pains, aches, and migraines.

Another medical use of this incredible cannabis strain is management of psychological disorders. People who struggle with depression, anxiety, chronic stress, PTSD, and ADD/ADHD can use God’s Green Crack to manage their mental issues.

As mentioned earlier, God’s Green Crack Strain produces a strong euphoric head high and a little bit of focused energy. This energy boost is very effective at combating fatigue.

God’s Green Crack makes you feel hungry, making it the strain to go for if you struggle with lack of appetite and unsettled stomach.

Possible Side Effects

Two of the most common side effects of smoking God’s Green Crack Strain are dry mouth and eyes. It is advisable to drink plenty of water before, during, and after smoking God’s Green Crack to avoid severe dehydration.

On rare occasions, this strain may also make you paranoid or anxious, especially when you exceed your tolerance level. As such, those new to God’s Green Crack should consider starting with a small dose and gradually increase their dosage with time.

In addition to the side effects mentioned above, some users have reported feeling a little dizzy after smoking God’s Green Crack Strain.

The good news is these adverse reactions are mild and fade away on their own after a few hours. They’re also easily avoidable by moderating the amount you smoke and ensuring you never exceed your tolerance levels.

Final Words

Overall, God’s Green Crack Strain is an exciting cannabis strain worth trying. Being an indica dominant cannabis strain, its effects are typically indica. Its buds look amazing, smell great, and taste heavenly.

It induces a super heavy high that will not only relax your mind and body, but also uplift your spirit, making you happier.

Although God’s Green Crack has a lot of medical benefits it may cause a number of side effects such as dry mouth and eyes, paranoia, and dizziness. For this reason, beginners should be very careful with this strain.

Have you ever smoked or cultivated God’s Green Crack? Please share your experience with this bud in the comments section below.

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