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Gas Mask


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Gas Mask Strain Review


Relaxing, Sleepy, Tingly, Uplifting

May Relieve:

Chronic Pain, Depression, Fatigue, Insomnia, Spinal Cord Injury

While the term “Gas” can be used informally to define quality marijuana — similar to ‘dope’ or ‘loud’ — Gas is also the name of at least one cannabis strain. Gas is believed to be a recognizable phenotype of OG Kush. This time we’ll shed some light on the Gas Mask strain.

Gas Mask strain is an indica created by backcrossing Alien Kush F2 with a Cherry Pie strain. With moderate levels of THC measured between 20% and 22.5%, Gas Mask is not as overwhelming as other Indicas on the market and can be used regardless of the time of the day.

Gas Mask Strain is marked by its small flowers that are reminiscent of a pine cone, closing down from a broad base into a sharper tip. The flowers have a dense and compact structure with the olive-green color as the dominant shade.

The leaves curl narrowly inward toward the middle stems, showing noticeable notes of mossy green and threaded through with vibrant amber pistils. You can also expect a thick layer of crystalline trichomes that give these buds their sticky touch and decent potency.

This Indica strain releases a rich diesel-like aroma, hence its suggestive name. The odor is initially reminiscent of damp soil and gets further underlined by some apparent citrus-like acidity. When smoked in a bong or a joint, Gas Mask Strain burns with a pungent smoke that may go a bit hard on the palate. The thick smoke produces piney favors with lemon undertones on the exhale.

Gas Mask Strain is a creeping indica strain, which means it can take up to 15 minutes until it shows its effects. However, once you feel high, that initially tingling sensation soon transforms into a euphoric and mellowing cerebral buzz.

As the sensation loses on intensity, you may experience changes in sensory perception, with particular regard to sounds and visuals. As you continue to succumb to Gas Mask’s sedating high, you’ll feel as if the time was passing more slowly, helping you enjoy those small pleasures in life.

While the generally spacey vibe is great for creative work and stirring your imagination, Gas Mask is not well suited to concentrating on challenging, analytical tasks. Its indica nature may also prevent you from engaging in any chores, especially at high doses. Thus, always make sure that your session with this strain comes after you’re done with all morning duties.

Eventually, users may find themselves in a tranquil bliss that can turn into total couchlock, so novice smokers are advised to approach Gas Mask Strain with baby steps.

The Gas Mask Cannabis strain can also have many medical applications. Its euphoric properties can temporarily stave off the symptoms of anxiety, stress, and depression, while the body high may prove invaluable or soothing chronic pain and severe inflammation. The bud is also a great pick for insomnia patients who struggle with racing thoughts and crippling pain before going to bed.

Those who have a low THC tolerance should mind the dosage, as too much of Gas Mask may result in triggering anxious thoughts, paranoid thinking, and dizziness on top of causing the dry mouth, red eyes, and a serious case of munchies.


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