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Candyland Cannabis Strain Review

Hailing from sunny California, this award-winning strain earns its keep as an inviting and clear-headed Sativa strain. With a high THC content of 26%, and classic Sativa attributes, Candyland strain is great for intermediate to advanced users, but remains approachable for novice to consumers as well.

It offers a high that is focused, elated, and energizing, and provides effective therapeutic benefits.  We’ll examine just what makes the Candyland Strain an exemplary Sativa-influenced hybrid strain, including its genetic attributes, consumer effects, honey flavor profile, and medicinal offerings.


Creativity, focus, thoughtful, stimulating

May Relieve:

Depression, chronic fatigue, pain, stress, loss of appetite

What Exactly is the Candyland Weed Strain?

Candyland Strain is a Sativa-dominant strain of marijuana with a ratio of 3:1 Sativa Cannabis to Indica Cannabis. Its parent strains are the notorious Grand Daddy Purple, also known as Grand Daddy Purps, and the very popular Bay Area Platinum Cookies.

With each of its parent plants standing as Golden State royalty, this bud was destined to be a fan fave. Candyland Strain certainly lives up to this heritage, taking gold in KushCon 2012.

Blending just the right amount of Indica has provided Candyland with a balanced profile. While overall, this bud possesses classic Sativa properties; namely a high that is energetic, creative, and heady, consumers will find the 18.5% Indica component offers a soothing body buzz, allowing the overall effect to remain grounded and even-keeled.

Candyland Strain: Appearance, Flavor, Aroma

Candyland Strain has rich green leaves, which at times can appear purple. This is slightly atypical for a Sativa which is usually found with bright green leaves and can be attributed to its Indica content.

Accompanying these bold leaves are small, dense buds. Covering these pretty buds is a heavy sifting of trichome crystals, giving the weed its sugar-coated appearance.

Though the flavor profile may differ depending on the phenotype, Candyland generally has a bright flavor profile that’s sweet, with a touch of spice and warm earthy undertones. The aroma of Candyland is fruity, with diesel notes also detectable.

One of its parent plants, Grand Daddy Purps, is known for contributing a berry aroma to succeeding strains, which the enjoyer will surely detect. Combined with its Girl Scout Cookies origins, Candyland gives a flamboyant, sensuous aroma.

Candyland Strain Effects

Candyland Strain offers a lively, heady high with strong creative drive and focus. It has all the enjoyable energizing effects of a classic Sativa, without a lot of the typical pit-falls.

Those interested in finding a Sativa that’s not too racy and won’t make your head spin need to look no further! The initial come-on is quick with a swift rush, which then eases into a leveled and embodied sensation.

The supporting body high is warm without inducing feelings of fatigue. Overall, the experience is an exceptionally clear-headed, intellectually stimulating, yet soothing venture.

Pairing perfectly with an early morning coffee, it sets a tone that is lofty, stable, and inspiring. An ideal choice for daytime weed use.

Medical Advantages of Candyland Strain

This strain is best suited for medicinal marijuana users who are seeking therapeutic benefits with minimal mental fog. With a euphoric high that remains grounded, Candyland Strain is an especially good choice for those seeking the mood-elevating offerings of a sativa strain, but with a decreased risk of anxious feelings and mental distraction.

The soothing physical components of this high will provide relief for muscle spasms, muscle tension, headaches, and light to moderate pain.

Anyone seeking relief from the physical side effects associated with depression will particularly enjoy Candyland. Because of its balanced genetic profile, Candyland offers a nice option for those seeking therapeutic benefits that are mostly mood associated or mental, with some relief from physical symptoms.

Possible Side Effects

While Candyland Strain holds a valuable niche for both medicinal and recreational marijuana users, it can have some side effects that should be understood. More often than not, these side effects are mild, temporary in length and even preventable by administering appropriate dosages.

The most common side effects reported have been dry eyes and mouth. Keeping water on hand and staying hydrated is the best way to counteract these effects.

Some find the use of eye drops helpful, as well as use of hard candies, as they encourage saliva production.  Feelings of anxiety or paranoia may arise in some individuals, however, the 18.5% Indica content of this strain means this is less likely to occur than other, more Sativa heavy marijuana strains.

Final Thoughts

Arising from some of the best California breeding has to offer, Candyland Strain is a crowd-pleasing Sativa dominant strain that’s a must-try for daytime trippers. Offering an experience that’s cognitively fresh and energetic, this luscious cannabis strain has a lot of recreational and medicinal utility.

Its clear-headed high is great for a productive buzz, and for anyone looking for a Sativa strain that’s a little less jittery than what others offer. Having a complementary Indica component really makes this sweet strain shine, as it provides multidimensional medicinal value with a candy taste that can’t be beat!

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