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Boost Gummies 150mg THC

Boost Gummies 300mg THC

Cherry 300mg

Unlike Boost’s wide selection of CBD infused edibles, their Cherry THC gummies( apart of their wide collection of THC edibles) delivers in a sleek dark red hue, a varied sweetness reminiscent of that delectable natural cherry flavor, and potent THC concentrate in each cube! With those familiar natural components, the mini cube design, and convenient casing, the cherry gummy delivers. Boost’s Cherry Gummies taste as great as they look and smell! These weed cherry bombs allow consumers to increase creativity and can be used as a simple rest aid to be physically and mentally calming.

Boost Cherry Gummies create a high that leaves you feeling restored and connected with your body. An overall small tool for wellness, the cherry flavor does not overwhelm the senses and while still maintaining that sugar rush only with a more toned down after effect. Talk about euphoria! One or two gummies can have you slowly and comfortably falling into your recreational activities, or into your bed!

From the polished clean encasing to the velvet-like texture and color, these gummies get you excited for a snack, even more, when you try them! The dark sweetness remains quite favorable, while the high presents itself quickly, and is one to be worthy and memorable. So why not dabble with Boost’s Cherry THC (300mg) infused gummies today and figure out what mode you intend to utilize its amazingly potent high! Try today and embrace that tantalizing cherry tingle.

Sour Green Apple 300mg

Trying Boost’s Sour Green Apple THC infused gummies can definitely add some brightness, comfort, and light refreshment to the end of a long day or night! The elation that comes with these tart treats can increase joy and happiness in the overall wellness of its consumers. The crisp sweet and sour aroma, paired with that dope punchy high that the sour green gummies provide can cap off the night in the best way possible.

These gummies directly get you buzzed with just one or two snacks. The 300mg THC infused dose per gummy in this pack makes it easy for one to manage how much potency they are willing to play with for sleep aid or recreational purposes! Always cared for and processed with clean, healthy ingredients, Boost has got you covered! With the same bright tree green color as its lower dose and CBD sister gummies, Boost’s Sour Green Apple THC infused gummies work effortlessly to give consumers happy and healthy euphoria!

No need to hassle and wonder about if you’re getting the wrong edible or waiting around for the high to kick in. With the sour green apple gummies, your tongue gets a punch, followed by your body getting instant relaxation and restorative qualities. consumers can maximize an opportunity to improve wellness by downing two or three of these delicious treats! Sour fixes can oftentimes be seen as solely bitter products, however, with Boost, everything is portioned and dosed for optimal taste quality and high experience.

Sour Watermelon 300mg

A zesty sweet edible always gives a pleasant and refreshing surprise to the senses! Boost Sour Watermelon gummies don’t just give consumers a relaxation high as does Boost’s CBD counterpart gummies, but the sour watermelon THC gummies can throw you for a loop after just two or three chunks! Working as a restorative rest edible in addition to a creativity-enhancing mood adjustment, these gummies are juicy, tangy, deliciously sweet!

Boost’s Sour Watermelon THC Gummies works wonders in regards to its rest properties, helping any tired user fade out from the waking world into a rejuvenating sleep state! Boost’s clean natural components and quality THC distillate make for a pleasurable stoner experience. Using the sour watermelon gummies will give you a unique balance of fruity juiciness in zingy cube chewies. Taking one or two these after a heavy workout or before a long bath are just some of the ways the sour watermelon flavor can add to your high experience!

Don’t fret with overdosing on such a small edible, because Boost has got your back in perfectly measuring the right amount of flavor and THC to incorporate into each bite. With heavy potency per 300mg chunk, you feel the effects instantly.  Grabbing any gummies from Boost THC collection is a wise choice, for you get to sample fruity varieties while also determining what the right high feels like for you!  Get in on Boost sour Watermelon THC gummies and get funky in your craft or in your resting style today.

Strawberry 300mg

Trying to cap off the evening and run out of sorbet at home, with no cannabutter to dollop on top or mix in? Why not try Boost’s Strawberry THC gummies! That oh so pleasant brisk strawberry taste could draw anyone in with Boost gummies that burst with its flavor! The powerful 300mg dose for the encasing of fifteen wonderfully yummy gummies was made for any eager recreational user to go for a ride — so buckle up.

This perfect stoner munchie will have you ready for bed after a handful of bites! Using the best in THC distillate, Boost makes sure that consumers are completely cared for with this mood-enhancing and balancing treat! That nostalgic strawberry burst will have you smiling and ready to draw the night away in a beautiful haze or ready to quietly drift off into a tender rest or body high. With every user’s experience varying based on how many gummies you decide to munch on, Boost has made sure that each gummy pack provides a nice buzz.

Don’t be afraid to try a new sugary delight. These gummies still have that gorgeous scarlet red hue that doesn’t underwhelm! In that same easy to go casing, these strawberry gummies are handy to keep by a bedside table or near your other marijuana goodies! Where could you go wrong with a strong and easily effective high and a delightful taste? Boost Strawberry THC gummies are a pleasant treat

Blue Raspberry 300mg

There’s no wrong time for a Boost Blue Raspberry gummy! Perfect for a long walk or snuggling up with a good book and a roaring fire.

Boost Edibles gummies are tasty, juicy, naturally flavoured, and are made with care and the best ingredients to deliver an excellent, consistent dosage in every bite.

Cola 300mg

Is there a better feeling in the world than cracking open an ice cold cola on a hot summer’s day? Well now you can have a taste of summer all year round with our brand new Cola THC Gummies!

The same delicious taste you expect, with a fraction of the calories and the added benefit of lab tested THC distillate to give you an experience no soda ever could!

Boost Edibles gummies are tasty, juicy, naturally flavoured, and are made with care and the best ingredients to deliver an excellent, consistent dosage in every bite.

About Boost Edibles

Boost is a Canadian cannabis company that’s devoted to bringing you quality, purity, and potency through their gourmet THC or CBD-infused edibles. Though they’re fairly new to the cannabis community, Boost is quickly making a name for themselves with their deliciously enticing product range and premium ingredients. But, don’t just take our word for it! Read all about their company, their mission, and all they have to offer below.

Who says THC and CBD can’t be delicious? Boost is showing the cannabis world that edibles, no matter how potent, can be just as tasty as your everyday candy.

Proudly owned and operated by Canadians who love weed just as much as you do. Boost specializes specifically in hand-crafted edibles to get you through the day, Boost infuses only the highest-quality distillate extracts into every one of their products, resulting in a pure treat that you can trust.

Using organic, non-GMO, and non-animal tested products, Boost boasts an ethical, sustainable image that we all deserve in a cannabis company. From seed to soil to edible, you can trust that you’re getting an all-natural, plant-based treat that your mind and body will benefit from–just as long as you don’t eat too much.

Boost prides themselves on providing a powerful boost of health and wellness to your everyday routines. With so many different brands and products available on the market today, finding a company you can trust is becoming more difficult every day. That’s exactly why Boost was created.

With quality and transparency at the forefront, you’ll never be left guessing as to what kind of products you’re getting. Each one of their products boasts specially chosen ingredients that help add to the delicious flavors and the strong effects their edibles produce. This way, you can look specifically for edibles that contain only the ingredients that you’d most want to consume, and completely avoid the rest. Nowadays, so many companies seem to make their pot product recipes a secret. But, why? Boost believes in the total opposite.

A plant as powerful as marijuana deserves to be celebrated as such. Instead of picking and choosing to just focus on CBD, Boost gives their customers variety. Each of their expertly-crafted edibles comes in a THC or CBD option, being made with premium distillates and isolates to get the absolute most of the chosen cannabinoids. By doing this, Boost’s tasty treats are highly concentrated and, even better, incredibly potent. For those of you looking for some of the purest CBD or even purest THC in Canada, we may have found it.

Good tasting edibles can be unfortunately hard to come by. Often, you’re fooled by the promise of rich chocolate or fruity blasts and then… cannabis. The weed flavors inside edibles can easily overwhelm the treat if not careful enough, almost ruining the edible experience entirely. Thankfully, edibles simply don’t have to taste like the marijuana plant; rather, they exude flavors like sour watermelon, cherry, or milk chocolate, allowing you to completely forget you’re eating cannabis. This is Boost’s specialty.

On their website, you will find edibles upon edibles in flavors of all types, appealing to every taste bud. These gourmet edibles are priced for the everyday consumer and even come in packs of five or so, allowing for you to stock up if desired. Buried within their infused gummies and chocolates, is one 1,500 mg. CBD tincture that’s unflavored and contains only two ingredients: organic MCT oil and CBD isolate.

Whether you’re interested in a rich, milk chocolate THC-infused candy bar, a tin of sour watermelon CBD gummies, or even a few drops of a highly-concentrated CBD oil, Boost has all of this and more, just waiting for you to try.

Though every one of their options contains a healthy dose of either CBD or THC distillate, Boost’s edibles sure aren’t going to taste like it. Instead, you will find yourself engulfed in natural citrus flavors or notes of dark, creamy chocolate if you so choose. With every bite, you’ll will taste beautiful flavor profiles, all while disguising any hints of weed you may come across. But, just because these edibles don’t taste much like weed, don’t forget that it’s in there! You won’t need to eat the whole pack of these potent candies; in fact, they’re so potent, only one will probably do.

Boost is also beginning to dabble into the world of tinctures, as they offer one 1,500 mg. CBD oil. This Natural tincture is appropriately named, as the product contains zero added ingredients, flavors, or chemicals. Instead, it is just organic MCT oil and pure CBD isolate. Without any extra bells and whistles, this oil is as premium and as pure as it gets. No matter why you turn to CBD tinctures, Boost’s will give you all of that and more.

Finally, we can’t forget Boost’s extra-special cherry and green apple mushroom-infused gummies. That’s right: these magical candies contain a gram of shrooms per pack, allowing you a trip to, well, wherever you choose. Flavors are subtle and effects are potent–it’s clear that Boost knows how to appeal to all customers.

Available to you at reasonable prices and varying strengths, Boost proves to be a perfect everyday treat or before-bed support. Able to deliver absolutely everything you could need from a delectable edible.

Boost’s artisan edibles (or all-natural tinctures) are all yours to try–you just have to place an order. Whether it be CBD or THC-based, and relish in all that Boost has to offer.

Whether you’re wanting to try something new or are hoping for a natural way to alleviate pain and gain mental clarity, with proven anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties, Boost products are the best in what’s wellness.

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