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Blueberry Strain Review

3 Highlights of the Blueberry Kush Strain

  • One of the most popular weeds strains on the market
  • Powerful euphoric high that washes away stress, migraines, and headaches
  • Promotes deep introspection that erases negative thoughts

Blueberry strain is a name any marijuana fan will recognize. This powerful indica-dominant strain is popular for its unique euphoric high that immediately erases any negative thoughts and eases insomnia.

In 2000, the strain won the Best Indica of the year award at the High Times’ Cannabis Cup. It is still one of the most sought-after weed strains on the market today.

Blueberry strain is 80% Indica/20% Sativa. It was created in the 70’s by a popular American breeder DJ Short.

It is a combination of Thai, Purple Thai, and Afghani landrace strains.  The strain produces very potent effects that help clear the mind and improve overall mood.

Most marijuana fans love the Blueberry strain for its ability to relax the whole body and mind.  With above-average THC levels of up to 19.5%, the Blueberry weed strain is certainly a very potent pot strain.

Its powerful relaxing effects make it a great strain for treating conditions such migraines, headaches, fatigue, and depression.

Blueberry Strain is a fan favorite for its euphorically sedating high. It induces a state of hazy introspection that numbs the brain and immediately washes away racing thoughts.

Its euphoric physical high will leave you couch-locked for hours on end in a hazy and enjoyable state.

Effects of the Blueberry Weed Strain

As earlier mentioned, the Blueberry weed strain is an offspring of three very powerful landrace strains, namely Thai, Purple Thai, and the Afghani. The Afghani is a robust and very delicious indica with powerful relaxing effects.

Thai and Purple Thai, on the other hand, are incredibly strong Sativa strains popular for their euphoric cerebral high.

Since this strain is more of an Indica than a Sativa, its high tends to be more physical than cerebral. This explains the soothing and dream-like state of relaxation users experience after smoking Blueberry.

Blueberry Strain high starts strong and slowly reduces into a hazy relaxation. After a couple of hits, a powerful euphoric buzz will wash over your whole body, leaving you high and perfectly relaxed.

All your stress and negative thoughts will fade away as you fall into a deep uninterrupted sleep.

Appearance, Flavor, and Aroma of the Blueberry Strain

This strain is good-looking and very delicious. It has olive green buds with tiny orange hairs and bright blue undertones. The grape-shaped nugs are covered by a sticky thick coating of crystal trichomes.

Blueberry Strain has a sweet and berry-like smell. It also has a uniquely smooth blueberry vanilla flavor with woody and earthy undertones. This unique flavor profile makes this weed strain one of the most flavorsome cannabis strains on the market today.

Blueberry Strain: Grow | Seed Info

This strain likes a lot of space and requires a well-optimized growing environment. It is very wide, grows vigorously and demands a sunny Mediterranean climate.

It isn’t the easiest cannabis strain to cultivate, because it is highly susceptible to common mold and diseases.

When cultivating Blueberry Strain, growers are encouraged to nourish it with organic fertilizers to promote faster bud growth and development. Importantly, growers should ensure there’s sufficient light, ample airflow, and the plants are well-protected from humidity.

The Blueberry weed strain takes about 8 to 9 weeks to flower. You’re advised to be a little more patient with this strain and only harvest when the plants reach the 9-week mark.

With sufficient space and a well-optimized growing environment growers can expect an average of about 18 to 21 ounces of consumable herb per square meter.

Medical Uses of Blueberry

The strongly relaxing effects produced by the Blueberry strain make it a great strain for managing/treating various health conditions. Its euphoric, hazy and relaxing effects creep up on you slowly easing chronic fatigue, headaches, migraines, and depression.

Cancer patients can use this strain to manage the negative side effects of radiation and chemotherapy.

Do you struggle with insomnia? This is the perfect strain for you. It numbs the brain and induces sleep with its deeply relaxing effects.

Other conditions that can be treated using this strain include nausea, bipolar disorder, ADD/ADHD, and arthritis. Just make sure to watch your dosage and avoid exceeding your tolerance level to avoid common marijuana side effects.

Possible Side Effects

If overused, the Blueberry weed strain can cause itchy eyes, dry mouth and eyes. These classic marijuana side effects are very mild and are as a result of severe dehydration.

You can easily avoid some of these side effects by drinking plenty of water during and after your session.

On rare occasions, Blueberry can make you dizzy and paranoid. These side effects, however, only occur when you smoke past your tolerance level.

You’re, therefore, advised to start small and increase your dosage gradually until you find your sweet spot.

Final Words

Overall, Blueberry Strain is a great choice for marijuana enthusiasts who’re looking for a potent indica strain that’s great for both recreational and medicinal use. It has grape-shaped buds that produce powerful effects and insanely delicious blueberry vanilla flavor.

Its ability to fade away stress and negativity and ease a variety of health conditions makes it one of the most popular cannabis strains on the market.

Have you ever smoked or cultivated the Blueberry weed strain? We’d love to hear your experience with this incredible strain in the comment section below

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