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Black Diamond Strain Review

Black Diamond, also known as Black Diamond OG or Black Diamond OG Kush is a highly pungent indica dominant weed strain with a powerful punch. It has dense and closely-packed nugs with a sweet and berry-like flavor, and highly pungent aftertaste. The hybrid is well-known for their enticing flavor profile.

Black Diamond is 30% Sativa and 70% Indica, and while it is predominantly an indica, it can still deliver very heavy sativa effects. Its sativa-leaning effects induce mind-blowing cerebral rush that leaves you calm, creative, and giggly.

THC levels in Black Diamond range between 18 to 24% and approximately 1% CBN. This makes Black Diamond a great strain for both recreational and medicinal use. Black Diamond has been shown to treat anxiety, stress, mood swings, and chronic pain.

Effects of Black Diamond Strain

Black Diamond delivers incredibly relaxing effects. The hybrid is both relaxing and sedating, making it a perfect choice for people who struggle with insomnia. It begins slowly with a strong wave of euphoric mental rush that stimulates both the mind and body, leaving you in a great mood.

As the high intensifies, you will experience an extraordinary wave of relaxation that will calm your whole body. All your stress will fade away as you fall into a deep state of introspection. Before long you’ll drift into a long and uninterrupted sleep.

Appearance, Flavor & Aroma of Black Diamond

Black Diamond has long and dense buds. Its buds look very beautiful thanks to their tiny orange-colored hairs and an outer covering of crystalline trichomes. Each bud is also covered with a layer of super sticky resin that leaves residue on fingers when touched.

Black Diamond smells highly pungent. Its taste is more or less the same as its smell. Flavor-wise, the hybrid packs an array of flavors that range from berry to grape, herbal, sweet, and woody.

Its aromas range from sweet to grape, earthy, and pungent. Note that Black Diamond may leave a highly pungent aftertaste lingering in your mouth.

Grow Info

This hybrid can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors. The hybrid is moderately resistant to molds and pests, and demands warm and sunny climatic conditions.

Always make sure your plants receive ample light, especially when growing indoors. Also, make sure to thinly water your plants and maintain sufficient humidity and airflow.

Flowering time is around 8 to 9 weeks, and the hybrid can produce 18 to 21 ounces of flower per plant.

Medical Uses of Black Diamond

The potent effects produced by Black Diamond make it an excellent remedy for a whole range of minor and major health conditions. Black Diamond weed strain can ease migraines, chronic pain, and headaches.

Do you struggle with loss of appetite? Black Diamond is a great hunger inducer. It induces a severe case of the munchies, making it the perfect choice for people who struggle with loss of appetite.

Black Diamond is also an effective treatment for mental disorders. The strain has been shown to alleviate depression, anxiety, PTSD, and bipolar disorder.

Thanks to its deeply relaxing effects, Black Diamond makes for a great treatment for insomnia. Its deeply relaxing effects relax both the body and mind, allowing you to fall deeply asleep.

Other medicinal uses of Black Diamond include treating arthritis, inflammation, nausea, and gastrointestinal disorders.

Possible Side Effects of Black Diamond Strain

Black Diamond may induce cottonmouth and dry eyes, especially when overused. The hybrid may also induce the usual bloodshot eyes and itchy eyes associated with marijuana smoking.

The good news is these reactions are totally normal and can easily be avoided. We recommend drinking plenty of water during and after smoking Black Diamond.

On rare occasions, Black Diamond weed strain may induce paranoia and dizziness. These extreme reactions, however, only occur when you smoke past your tolerance level.

Final Words  

Overall, Black Diamond is an excellent choice for people looking for the perfect recreational and medicinal weed strain. It packs a perfect amount of THC and CBN, making it an effective remedy for a bunch of health issues. Black Diamond may ease depression, chronic pain, and fatigue.

The hybrid has also been shown to fight insomnia, loss of appetite, and anxiety. Do you struggle with chronic stress? Black Diamond weed strain is perfect for you. The hybrid has been shown to ease racing thoughts and fade away stress.

Be advised not to smoke too much in one sitting as the hybrid may induce severe side effects. Expect the usual marijuana adverse reactions such as dry mouth and eyes. On rare occasions, Black Diamond may induce paranoia and dizziness.

We recommend starting with a small dose and gradually increasing your dosage with time.

Have you ever smoked or cultivated Black Diamond? What was your experience?

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