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Atomic Bomb


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Atomic Bomb Cannabis Strain Review

Atomic Bomb strain is a super rare cannabis strain known for its deep full-body high and euphoric head rush. Also known simply as ‘Atomic’, this evenly balanced cannabis strain is perfect for chronic stress, anxiety, and migraines.

This super rare strain is probably the best strain on the market right now. It produces potent effects from both worlds thanks to its above-average THC levels. With THC levels of up to 18%, Atomic Bomb weed strain packs insane and well-balanced effects.

Atomic Bomb strain produces a fast-hitting full-body and cerebral high that calms the body and mind and promotes relaxation. A few puffs of Atomic Bomb are guaranteed to leave you feeling heavenly relaxed and in a state of perfect bliss.

3 Highlights of the Atomic Bomb Weed Strain

  • Above-average THC levels and well-balanced indica/sativa effects
  • Fast-hitting strain with full-body relaxing effects
  • Produces powerful euphoric high that leaves you perfectly uplifted and happy


euphoria, physical high, cerebral high, relaxing, uplifting, energizing, dry mouth and eyes

May Relieve:

anxiety, chronic stress, migraines, headaches, depression, pain, PTSD, ADD/ADHD

Effects of the Atomic Bomb Strain

Like any other evenly balanced hybrid, Atomic Bomb produces powerful sativa and indica-leaning effects. Its indica-heavy effects promote relaxation and fight insomnia. Its sativa-leaning effects, on the other hand, uplift the spirit, promote positivity, and wash away chronic stress.

The strong indica effects of Atomic Bomb make it perfect strain for loss of appetite. The strain induces a strong case of the munchies, making it ideal for people who struggle with loss of appetite.

At the onset, Atomic Bomb Strain starts with a relatively strong wave of euphoric head high, which slowly turns into full-body relaxation. Its euphoric head high will cheer you up and at the same time relax your whole body.

After a few puffs, you’ll feel pumped up and ready for your chores and daily errands. This upbeat spirit is however short-lived because as the high intensifies, you’ll start to feel perfectly relaxed and lethargic.

As the high intensifies, a strong wave of introspective euphoria that washes over you, leaving you couch-locked for hours on end. Before long, you’ll fall into a deep state of introspection and gradually fall deeply asleep.

Appearance, Flavor, & Aroma of Atomic Bomb

When it comes to appearance, the Atomic Bomb weed strain has characteristic fluffy dark green buds that reek of chemical menthol.  Its good-looking buds are covered by amber hairs and thick crystalline trichomes.

Atomic Bomb has an amazingly pleasing harsh and sharp chemical menthol aroma. Its rather bizarre aroma is unique and easily distinguishable from other harsh marijuana strains.

When it comes to taste, the Atomic Bomb Strain has a harsh fuel berry taste with chemical and citrusy mint undertones.

Growing Info

Atomic Bomb Strain has broad leaves and a sturdy structure. While you can easily cultivate Atomic Bomb both indoors and outdoors, it demands a lot of attention.  As such, it is only recommended to seasoned growers.

This strain has a flowering period of about 8 to 9 weeks. Growers can expect about 16 ounces of flower per plant.

Medical Uses of Atomic Bomb 

Being an evenly balanced hybrid, the Atomic Bomb weed strain has a lot of medicinal benefits. It produces strong indica-leaning effects that wash away anxiety, depression, and fight insomnia.  A few puffs of Atomic Bomb are enough to relax your whole body and induce deep sleep. As such, the Atomic Bomb is ideal for people who struggle with insomnia.

The Atomic Bomb weed strain is also an effective pain reliever. It eases chronic pain, migraines, headaches, cramps, and joint pains.

Other medical uses of the Atomic Bomb include easing arthritis, epilepsy and seizures, irritability, PTSD, and bipolar disorder.

Possible Side Effects of Atomic Bomb

Like any other strain, users can expect some side effects when they smoke Atomic Bomb Strain. Common side effects include dry mouth and eyes and itchy eyes. On rare occasions, an Atomic Bomb may also induce a pretty nasty case of paranoia and dizziness.

The good news is these adverse reactions are very mild and only occur when you exceed your tolerance level. You’re, however, encouraged to watch your dosage to avoid the side effects mentioned above. Consider starting with a small dose and slowly working your way up until you find your sweet spot.

Final Words

Overall, the Atomic Bomb weed strain is the perfect strain for everyday toker. This rare and evenly balanced strain packs the best of both Sativa and Indica. With a staggering THC level of about 22%, the Atomic Bomb produces powerful effects that uplift the spirit, energize, and relax the whole body.

Cheerful and energized during onset, an Atomic Bomb high gradually turns into full-body relaxation. You’ll go from cheerful and energized to lethargic and sleepy as the high intensifies.

The potent and evenly balanced effects of the Atomic Bomb make it ideal for chronic pain and anxiety. The strain can also help with loss of appetite, insomnia, fatigue, and depression.

Have you ever smoked or cultivated the Atomic Bomb weed strain? Please tell us about your experience with this strain in the comments section.

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