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Buy Cannabis capsules online at  safe, easy and discrete way to consume THC or CBD. The perfect option for those looking to medicate via alternative methods – skip the combustion process associated with smoking and don’t bother with the recreational dosages of edibles! Cannabis capsules are great for those looking to introduce CBD and THC into their everyday lives in healthy incremental steps.

What are THC Capsules?

THC capsules, also called THC pills, are an oral hemp supplement containing tetrahydrocannabinol, the main compound in cannabis. THC pills come in a few different forms. NuLeaf Naturals THC capsules encase 100% organic full spectrum hemp extract in a softgel pill that is easy to consume.

What are the Benefits of THC Capsules?

THC capsules offer several benefits compared to other cannabis products, including:

  • They offer a consistent dosage. Some THC products like tinctures and inhaled products make it harder to measure out dosage. THC capsules are precisely dosed to ensure you’re getting exactly what you expect potency-wise.
  • They are flavorless. Some users may find the taste of THC tincture, edibles, and other products to be unpleasant. THC capsules are completely flavorless, providing a viable alternative to those sensitive to the taste of cannabis extract.
  • They offer convenience, discretion, and portability. THC capsules are discreet and portable, making them a convenient option for THC consumers.

Where Can I Buy THC Capsules?

THC capsules can be purchased online or in dispensaries. NuLeaf Naturals offers THC capsules for sale online in sizes of 300mg, 900mg and 1800mg at 2.5mg THC per softgel. Because they contain less than 0.3% THC by dry weight, our THC pills are compliant with federal law and available in most US states.

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