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The Greenhousedispensary.store is one of the first recreational and retail marijuana store in walled lake Michigan. buy weed online and get it delivered
The Greenhousedispensary.store Transitions to Michigan’s Adult-Use Cannabis Market—and to Curbside Sales—as the State Responds to the COVID-19 Pandemic: The Starting Line
Owner Jerry Millen shares how the medical cannabis online dispensary in Walled Lake shipping worldwide prepared for adult-use sales at the dawn of social distancing, and how the coronavirus has impacted his business plans. buy cannabis online
Armed with an expanded parking lot, additional registers and a well-trained staff, Jerry Millen was prepared to transition The Greenhouse, his medical cannabis dispensary in Walled Lake, to Michigan’s adult-use cannabis market in March. The real curveball, he says, was Michigan’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, which was rolled out the week after The Greenhouse launched adult-use sales.
“Right now, we’re all curbside, fortunately or unfortunately,” Millen says.
This is just the latest chapter of an industry that he has watched evolve for more than a decade. Millen began working with medical cannabis patients about 13 years ago, when he started attending compassion club meetings in Michigan. After clearing up some misconceptions with the other members of the group (“They thought I was an undercover cop in their compassion club meeting,” Millen recalls), he immersed himself in the industry, received his caregiver license and started growing cannabis for five patients.
When lawmakers began debating the Medical Marihuana Facilities Licensing Act (MMFLA), which ultimately passed in 2016 to create a regulated medical cannabis industry in the state, Millen went to the state capital to meet with key representatives to help get the legislation across the finish line. where to buy cannabis oil
“There was a little girl named Bella and her mother, Ida, and honestly, without them, I feel there would be no cannabis oil for sale industry in Michigan,” Millen says. “Bella … used [cannabis] regularly to help control her seizures. Her mother was gracious enough to help the cause and went around lobbying with us to the state reps to help us get these bills passed, and she went on with the media about the attributes of cannabis and the medical purposes. I worked on that for about four years.”
During this time, Millen also bought a small store in Walled Lake, which had opted in to hosting cannabis businesses, in order to realize his dream of operating a legit online dispensary mail order discreetly
“Before there were state licenses, there were local licenses, and I was granted a local license for two years before the state licenses became available,” he says.
Although two other medical marijuana dispensary mailing worldwide were operating in Walled Lake at the time under the local licensing structure, the stores had been raided by the county sheriff, so Millen chose not to open his storefront until he was granted a license from the state. where can i buy cannabis online
“I waited, and I still think it’s the right move … because I’m the only dispensary in Walled Lake right now,” he says. “The other two went away—they couldn’t get licensed.”
The Greenhousedispensary.store opened for medical sales in February 2019 and transitioned to the adult-use market in March of this year, right as the coronavirus crisis reached the U.S. buy marijuana cannabis weed online mail order